How to Keep Your Clients Happy


Whether you are a new freelancer or a seasoned self-employed worker, you know that pleasing your clients is likely one of the most challenging problems you’ll encounter. So, how can you do a better job at what you do?


It’s easier than you might think. We’ve got some quick tips here to help guide you on your way to success. Let’s get into it!


Be Transparent About Your Process

One of the biggest pain points between new clients and freelancers is miscommunication. Unmet expectations result in unhappy clients.


It can be extremely frustrating when clients have expectations that they don’t communicate prior to the order. Although there’s not much you can do to coerce your clients into telling you their expectations (other than ask, of course), you can manage their expectations.


Managing expectations is as simple as communicating your process. Tell them when you will deliver, if and when you will provide updates along the way, and what your expectations are regarding payment or receiving resources. Being crystal clear and honest about everything is the best way to avoid disputes.


To learn more about establishing expectations with your clients via a legally binding contract, check out these contract tips for freelancers.


Be Professional and Punctual

No matter what services you offer, professionalism and punctuality will help your small business thrive. The number one rule you need to follow is to deliver on time.


If you specify that you’ll have something to them by Monday morning, it needs to be in their inbox on Monday morning—not Monday afternoon. If you work with clients across the globe, be sure to specify which time zone you’re talking about.


When you deliver, slightly overdeliver. Exceed their expectations by giving them more than what they asked for. This doesn’t mean working for free, but it does mean taking that extra five or ten minutes to ensure your clients feel like they got a worthy deal.


Punctuality applies to more than just your work schedule. You need to be timely about keeping in contact with all your clients. If they message you, don’t make them wait to hear back. If they have questions, answer them ASAP.


Go the Extra Mile to Keep in Touch

You can also go above and beyond when it comes to keeping in touch, and it doesn’t take much effort on your part. First, make sure that your contact information or software is current. Talk to your clients about updating the information if you need to.


After delivery, check in on your clients to make sure they’re happy. Send hand-written cards for holidays, birthdays, or professional events (like the beginning or end of a working relationship). Finally, if your service has an extended delivery time, send periodic updates as you see fit.


Stay Current to Show Clients You’re Ready

It’s important for you to stay up to date on more than just your contact information. You can show clients that you’re ready for repeat business by keeping your website up to date, buying new equipment, or taking courses to brush up on industry knowledge.


To communicate your updated status, you can establish an email newsletter. Your newsletter should be a free resource for your clients and other professionals in your field. Offer information about your business, the industry, new projects, or other related subjects.


You can inform your community, provide teaching resources or recommendations, and show your clients that you mean business. You can also offer this information via social media, like Facebook or Instagram, depending on the services you offer.


When you follow these freelancing tips, you’ll deliver work that pleases your clients and has them coming back for more.


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