Freelancer and buyer

Hire a service provider
  • Feel confident about the service provider
    • If you feel weary, start small, and build trust. Maybe have a photo retouched before embarking on a full out corporate image. You will quickly learn the service providers' responsiveness and level of confidence.
  • Arrange for a payment structure
    • For small projects, a lump sum payment after a completed project might be sufficient.
    • For medium, to larger projects, we suggest giving a downpayment. Additionally, milestones are a great tool to manage your assignment. The specific points along the way will keep tasks on track and incentivize everybody involved to get the project completed.
  • Rate the service
    • Help out your freelancer or service provider with a great rating. Always try to reconcile differences (life is smoother that way).
Working with a client
  • A clear action plan
    • Be clear and upfront about what the scope of your service will include. Having to haggle over details once a project has started is a recipe for disaster.
  • Put it in writing
    • For larger projects, we recommend a contract. Outline as precisely as possible what service you are going to provide. Don’t leave out timeframes, key features, and charges if any, for alterations to the original plan.
    • Make it clear upfront on how you would like to be paid. Besides the granddaddy PayPal, there are lots of others such as Venmo, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay. For local services cash is king.
  • 5-star ratings
    • Ask for a 5-star rating. At this point, you can also get valuable feedback, and if necessary rectify any shortcomings.